Title:  Why Not Me?

Perhaps you're experiencing it now...those around you spewing words of discouragement and doubt, belittling your skin color, gender or intelligence.  I know what that feels like, because it happened to me very early in my life, and into adulthood.  But there is a way to See Yourself Being/Becoming a Success, and getting out from the Shadows and Margins of Life.

- Targeted "Fab Four" Who Have Your Back
- Strategies to Thrive not just Survive
- Data and Documents that Guarantee Emotional Uplift & Advancement

Leadership is found at Every Level. Are you cultivating it?

Title:  Your S.T.A.R. Power!

Go ahead, admit it, everybody wants to shine in some way, achieving success in some area.  You can improve your personal & professional Credibility, Effectiveness and Influence, which will then impact and elevate impact those around you.  Learn how to Adopt and Implement specific traits and essential habits, and you can’t help but become a STAR!

- Develop the Right Network and When to Utilize It
- Become an Attractor and Not a Distraction
- Get Through When You Want to Give Up

Title:  Customer-Centric Service

If your goal is to go from a customer service rating of Poor to AWESOME!, then this presentation is your prescription.  When decreased satisfaction inside and out impacts Morale, Sales and Service, strong medicine is needed to get the Happy back. 
- Customer Service Myths that Prevent Cooperation
- Implement the “Shows” That Create Progress
- Victoria's Three C & P "formula" that can Entice, Excite and Delight

She was phenomenal! Victoria engaged the students and gave tangible solutions to problems."  Dee Stegall, PCSM, Miss. St. Univ.

They're making Contact, but aren't Connecting. What can be done?

Title:  Fearless Leadership

No matter the Age, Wage Stage, Condition or Position, Every Person Can LEAD and become a Productive Problem Solver.  This presentation is filled with Practical & Strategic tools to Boost Confidence, Improve Competence and Increase Retain-ability. 

- Identifying the Key People Who Maximize Your Growth
- Develop Your Semi-Secret L.E.A.D. File

- Asking the Essential Questions

Title:  From Conflict to Connection

Recurring Conflict and Difficult People can change an organization from Great to Good to Get-Me-Outta Here!  Economic conditions, ownership & staffing changes, new directives, regulations and policies can cause ongoing challenges and pressure.  This presentation shows that the solution may not be a partial or mass exodus, but rather a Shift in Thinking, Processes and Implementation.  
- Identify the Top 3 Reasons People are Difficult
- Interpret Underlying Issues, Defuse & De-Escalate Incidents
- Use Effective Words/Phrases to Reduce Resistance

There's So Much Potential in You!  Do you believe it?

 Unsure of What You Want Victoria to Speak On?
She can Customize or Combine Topics.

Internal & External Customer Service is Important.  Have a plan?

Listed above are Victoria’s Most Popular presentations. If none of them quite fit what you have in mind--No Problem!  Connect with her at (303) 219-0709, or at info@happystafftraining.com to discuss her developing a program that tackles YOUR Current Problem or Complements your Event’s Theme.

Also, if requested, Victoria can provide you an All-Inclusive/Flat Rate.  Additionally, there are Reduced Fees for Academic Institutions, Non-Profits and Regional events.

Victoria's Speaking Topics

Victoria speaks on four key subjects, incorporating humor and thought-provoking insight to promote professional development, personal engagement and create stronger connections.

Formats include:

Keepin' It Light Keynote (30-60 min.) - Invigorating, motivational and empowering to kick-off, re-energize (after lunch?) or close-out your event's day.
Edutainment Express (75-120 min.) - Think of it as an expanded keynote; there's more interaction with Victoria and each other for transference of skills.

Let's Stay Together (half or whole day) - More immersive; Victoria and your group deep-dives into a subject with fun, interactive and facilitated exercises and workshop materials.

Title:  Better Together

In our world where people's heads are down, their fingers tapping away on tablets and texting, many who work & play "together" aren't really engaging with one another.  It's still true:  Team-work does make the Dream work! This presentation helps you create a tighter-knit group with a Clearer Vision, Shared Values and more Cohesive Culture, where Improved Communication & Collaboration leads to Increased Passion, Productivity, Progress and Profit!
 - Migrating from a “Group” to a Team
 - What You Need to "Know" to Ensure your Team-Work Works
 - Sure-fire Course Correction Techniques & Rewards